Weighted Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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Using weighted grades is an excellent way to distinguish the importance of different assignment and tests. However, this method of grading only makes calculating the final grades even more complicated than it already is. Computer grading systems that do the final calculations for you make using weighted grades a more realistic option.

Computer Grading Programs Will Recognize and Calculate Weighted Grades Appropriately

Many teachers, especially secondary teachers, like using weighted grades because of the way in which it demonstrates the importance of any given test or assignment. For example, a final exam would be weighted much more heavily than a score received for a daily homework assignment. Issues arise, however, once it comes time to calculate the end-of-the-term grades.

If all you've recorded in your grade book is the final score of tests and assignments (be it a letter grade or a percentage), you'll have to multiply each score by the amount with which you want to weight it. Once that's done, you still have to add up all the now weighted grades and divide by a total possible to get the final grade. If this sounds like a pain, that's because it is.

Computer grading programs allow you to use weighted grades without all the hassle of hand-done calculation. Once the individual scores have been entered, you can simply have the program weight a given assignment accordingly. Then it does the rest of the math for you!

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