Business Law Classes

Written by Jacey Harmon
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There are many responsibilities involved with starting and running a small business. To start a business a plan must be written that includes detailed financial projections. Funding to start the venture must be obtained through bank loans or private investors. Once the business is up and running relationships with customers and vendors must be established. In all the hoopla and stress of starting and running a business, compliance with State and Federal regulations may go unheeded.

Creating and growing a company goes far beyond writing a business plan and establishing customer relationships. A thorough understanding of government regulations is a necessity to the success of a company. Understanding the rights of your clients and employees as well as record keeping and advertising laws are all a necessity for running a company. Minor infractions may result in fines that hinder the growth of the company while serious infractions may result in jail time.

Gaining an Understanding of Business Law

The specific industry your company is involved in will depend on what laws you will want to be familiar with. Broad labor laws, such as the Fair Labor Standard Act, will apply to almost every organization that has employees. More specialized regulations, such as State chemical application laws, will have effects only on businesses in that industry.

There are resources available for business owners and managers to gain an understanding of business laws. The Internet and your local library will have many sources available that aid in understanding applicable laws. There is an assortment of business law classes available through education providers that create an interactive learning experience. The classes are led by experienced instructors that can answer questions that may arise when studying the law. Having a clear understanding of the regulations of your industry is a necessary step to running a successful business venture.

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