Construction Law

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Construction companies engage in a wide selection of hazardous activities. To protect the public, employees and construction companies State and Federal governments have created regulations intended to reduce the danger involved with the construction industry. Knowing the regulations is a necessity for those involved with the construction; contractors, owners, managers, and employees should have a basic understanding of construction laws and regulations.

Learning Construction Law

Fortunately the laws that govern the construction industry do not need to be a hinder to an operation. When fully understood and implemented, construction laws foster sound work practices that create a safe and free flowing work environment. Unfortunately most involved in the construction company do not have the time it takes to research and understand all the regulating statutes.

There are classes designed to meet the needs of those who need to understand and follow construction laws. These classes will provide a general guide as to the regulations governing your specific industry. Several states have specific regulations that apply only to that state and no others. For states that have additional regulation there are state specific classes that cover that specific state.

The costs involved with a course can range from under $100 to several thousand dollars. Courses can range in time from one day seminars to multiple session interactive classes. Finding the time and capital to participate in a course may be a bit of a challenge for a busy construction professional. Investing the time and money into knowing construction laws will reduce the risk of regulatory action and any liability that may result from an infraction.

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