Custom Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Everyone has different skills and values and everyone learns these skills and values in a different manner. Many people learn best through visual stimulation such as reading or seeing visual representation of data. Others absorb higher rates of information through auditory signals. People will also learn at different rates, some are gifted with understanding new concepts easily while others may need more time. Learning is not a one size fits all proposition, many people learn best by combining different inputs such as audio and video.

When an employee is brought into a new organization there is a training process involved with the introductory period. This training process educates the new employee of specific job duties and necessary skills to complete the job to company standards. Organizations invest considerable amounts of capital into training new employees and the training programs that educate them.

Unfortunately many corporations do not take into consideration that individuals learn differently. Instead they bring in a group of recruits and put them through the training program in hopes that they will absorb the information. This is not only a waste of time and money for the company but for the employee as well. Custom training is a viable option to reduce employee turnover and increase the viability of a training program.

Custom Training Programs

As noted above individuals will learn through different modes as well as at different rates. A program that takes that into consideration will increase the effectiveness of its learning objectives. Individuals that prefer to do independent study and learn well through reading would benefit better from an individual study course than a group seminar.

Individuals that are interested in continuing their education will benefit from custom learning programs. Knowing how you learn best will allow you to find the right programs that are suitable for your learning style. There are many resources online that aid in finding customized training programs for corporations and individuals. Using a customized training program will increase the efficiency and quality of education provided from the program.

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