Environmental Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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We are just starting to understand how our actions affect our environment. In recent years scientists and environmentalists have made significant discoveries that show the relationship between human and natural events. These discoveries have prompted Federal and State governments to take actions to protect our environment. New regulations have created a need for individuals, communities, and business to become educated in environmentally safe activities.

Environmental Education

Knowing how our actions affect our surroundings is the first step to creating environmentally safe policies. Something as simple as washing a car in the driveway can have severe negative affects on the environment. Soap used in washing cars can be toxic to fish, birds and aquatic plants. The soap may eventually make its way into local bodies of water and kill valuable wildlife. By doing something as simple as washing your car at a professional carwash you can help protect the environment.

Communities can take steps to become more environmentally sensitive through environmental training programs. Community based training programs will provide community leaders with information on topics from funding environmental programs to properly providing wastewater treatment. Becoming an environmentally aware community can pay dividends in the form of increasing wildlife presence to better air quality.

Businesses are subject to many government regulations that are intended to protect the environment. Educating employees about the reason for each regulation may increase employee compliance. Training on how to carry out environmentally safe practices will reduce the risk infractions or serious environmental damage. Ensuring that employees who handle chemicals are properly licensed and trained in application and handling techniques is a necessity for a business involved with using chemicals.

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