Java Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Java is a programming language designed by Sun Microsystems that is specifically used to write programs that can be downloaded off the Internet without the threat of viruses. Small Java applications, called Applets, can be used by websites to create animation, games, and calculators for users to view and interact with. You can write Java programs to do pretty much anything a regular computer can do, and include the program into a web page.

Java programming language is not only used for Internet applications, the programming language is very versatile. The language enables designers to write programs on one platform and run them on a different platform. Java enables developers to create programs which can be run through web browsers and used in server side applications such as online discussion groups. Designers can also write applications for cell phones or other devices using Java programming language.

Java Training for Different Applications

Java technology has been categorized by the many applications that it can be used for. J2SE applications are used in core and desktop programming applications while J2EE is used in enterprise and server applications. Java can be used in mobile and wireless applications as well as XML, Web based and programmable cards applications.

To educate programmers as to the many applications for the Java language there are courses available that cover each application in depth. Most of the courses available are hands on courses that are provided through classroom situations. Classroom training allows programmers to gain experience while having access to an experienced Java programmer.

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