Microsoft Certification Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Microsoft is a giant, with over $36 billion in revenues for fiscal 2004 and a $296 billion market cap it is definitely a big corporation. The technology powerhouse drives its revenue stream from offering a wide selection of products. These products range from the popular Windows operating system to more complicated business intelligence solutions. The wide range and widespread use of Microsoft products has spawned the introduction of Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Microsoft Certification

Introduced in 1992, the Microsoft Certification program creates an opportunity for individuals to maintain a competitive edge in the job market as well as show an expertise towards Microsoft products. The certification credential is given to individuals who have demonstrated the skills to successfully use Microsoft products as part of a business solution. To date, there are about 1.6 million individuals who have received Microsoft Certification Status.

There are a total of seven separate Certification certificates with most categories allowing for specialization. The desktop support certification ensures that an individual has the skills necessary for troubleshooting desktop environments running on Windows operating systems. The systems administrator certification shows that an individual has the skills to utilize and manage Microsoft systems. This certification can be specialized in Windows, Server, Messaging, or Security applications.

Systems engineer certification shows that an individual has the skills necessary to design and implement infrastructure based on a variety of Windows products. Specialization in Windows, Server, Security and Messaging are available. Database administrators can get certified to work with and manage Microsoft databases and business intelligence solutions. Application developers and solution developers can receive certification status to design and execute solutions and applications. Those interested in training can become Microsoft certified trainers and help train the next generation of IT professionals.

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