Network Security Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Worms, Trojan horses and Viruses no longer carry the traditional meanings that they had for years. The advent and expansion of the Internet has caused these terms to take on a whole new meaning. A worm is a computer program that can make copies of itself then send itself through a network to other computers. Trojan horses are seemingly harmless programs that include malicious code that can damage an operating system or erase memory. Viruses are malicious programs that infect other files and programs on the computer.

The above threats can be brought into a computer system through a network, mainly the Internet. Most individuals don't think that their computers are at risk but if they are connected to the Internet, they are. Those that have Internet connections that are always on, such as broadband access, are at a higher risk as the computers are constantly hooked up to the Internet. Internet connections allow unscrupulous users to access your computer through "holes" in your computer's security system.

Protecting Your Computer from Threats

Protecting an individual computer from threats can be as simple as using a good anti-virus program. These programs will be able to monitor network connections and warn of possible threats. They can also scan existing files for damaging files and remove them accordingly. Protecting a large network of computers, such as a bank or government agency network, can be a little more complicated. The larger the network the more opportunities there are for intrusion and theft. Building a solid network security system is the best way to protect data assets as well as time and investments.

Fortunately there are several courses that can teach individuals how to build and manage a network security system. These courses will teach attendees how to build and implement a firewall infrastructure as well as design an intrusion detection system. Having a basic understanding of computer security systems is a pre-requisite for most network security classes.

Businesses can benefit from allowing their IT technicians to attend or participate in a security course. Security threats are always evolving to exploit newly discovered weaknesses in security and network systems. Allowing IT techs to keep up with the newest threats as well as learn how to create counter measures will protect the company's network from attack as well as increase the efficiency of the IT department.

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