Oracle Certification Courses

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Becoming certified in a field of study shows a commitment to excellence to employers and peers. Certification status allows an individual to have a competitive edge in the job market when looking for career advancement. It can also create confidence in prospective clients that your knowledge and experience is strong enough to complete their project. For information technology professionals, Oracle certification status may be the added boost your career needs.

Oracle certification shows that an individual has completed a course and passed an exam and is proficient in operating and maintaining Oracle products. There are currently three groups of certification programs available for Oracle products; web application server administrator, application developer, and database administrator. Each group contains separate certification classifications for the Oracle products under that group.

Steps to Becoming Oracle Certified

The first step to becoming Oracle certified is to choose a certification path. As noted above there are several groups that classify Oracle certification programs. Choosing the right program for you will depend on your area of expertise as well as career goals. Once a path has been chosen, Oracle has provided study guides for each certification status. These guides will aid an individual in gaining the necessary knowledge to pass each certification exam.

Once the study guide has been completed, the exam is ready to be taken. Scheduling the exam requires registering for the course and then scheduling the exam. Exams are given at authorized Prometric testing centers or Oracle testing centers. The cost for an exam is $90-$125 depending on the exam. Exams do not need to be taken in any specific time period but once an exam is failed the applicant must wait 30 days for a re-test.

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