Project Management Training Courses

Written by Jacey Harmon
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A project manager oversees the implementation of an entire project from beginning to end. The project manager is responsible for selecting and hiring the project team as well as organizing and assigning tasks to each member. A project manager is also responsible for completing the task on schedule and that the task is completed in a satisfactory manner. A project manager must have many skills in order to manage a project team to achieve the intended goal.

The best way to sum up the skills a project manager will need is to break them into two groups, knowledge and process skills. There are nine general knowledge skills that can be valuable for a project manager to have. Knowledge of project integration, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, and procurement management is necessary for a project manager to have. Process skills such as initiating, planning, execution, and controlling a project are just as valuable as knowledge skills.

Obtaining Project Management Skills

Some of the skills a successful project manager will need are intangible and are obtained through life and work experience. A successful project manager understands how to be an effective leader, which is something that is generally learned through example and trial and error. There are some classes that offer a collection of positive leadership examples and will examine how each leader used and developed their skills. These classes offer an opportunity to gain insight to successful leaders and learn from their example.

Courses are available to teach the tangible assets a project manager will utilize. Understanding how to properly plan and initiate a project can easily be taught in a classroom. Classes can cover topics such as budgeting and cost management as well as price negotiating. There are project management training courses available that are industry specific, such as healthcare or information technology courses.

Courses for project managers can range from a single session seminar to fully interactive training courses. Seminars are available in in-person, audio or video forms and the audio and video forms can be purchased at local stores, through the Internet, or rented from a local library. Courses that require several sessions can be followed online or found at a local community college classroom.

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