Web Services Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The Internet is being used more and more every day for new applications. One of these new applications is the communication between business applications and devices. This communication stream is intended to foster the flow of information and data between users. This data flow and new Internet application is called Web Services.

Web Services is used by companies to allow information to flow from multiple somewhat unconnected sources. Web Services applications are small programs written in XML, a language used to easily share data. The application uses a group of components to facilitate the flow of data; servers allow the exchange of data through multiple devices and operating platforms.

Businesses can utilize Web Services to automate business intelligence programs. Information may be locked up in a system that is not intended to share data. Web Services can be used to extract data from systems and easily share the data with other systems and users. The data can then be analyzed and transformed into valuable information that can be used to grow the company.

Learning Web Services Applications

There is a plethora of sources available that will aid in learning and implementing Web Services. Product vendors like Microsoft have created educational series to aid users of their product to navigate their products. Educational firms have designed non-vendor specific courses that teach individuals the basics of Web Services components such as XML. Many courses from outside institutions will also cover vendor specific applications and provide for unique hands on learning experiences.

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