Workers' Compensation Training

Written by Jacey Harmon
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When I was in High School I worked at one of the local car washes. I worked with a group of friends and we had a lot fun working after school and on weekends. I was responsible for wiping down the interior of the car as well as cleaning the inside of the windows. After a while I started to notice that my shoulders were starting to hurt whenever I would raise my arms. I went to the Doctor and he informed me that I had developed tendonitis from repetitive motions at my work. The Doctor had me take two weeks off and start physical therapy to strengthen my shoulder tendons. At the tender age of 16, I had my first workers' compensation experience.

Workers' compensation laws are intended to protect individuals who are injured or disabled on the job. They will provide for compensation when work is missed due to a work related injury. In my case I received 80 percent of my ten week average earnings for the two weeks I missed. The laws will also cover the dependents of individuals who died due to work related injury or illness. The compensation guidelines set forth by workers' compensation laws drastically reduce the need for litigation.

Understanding Workers Compensation Policies

There are several State and Federal laws that govern workers' compensation. Having a detailed understanding of local and federal regulations is a necessity for any business operator or human resources manager. Being informed of the many regulations can reduce the risk of liability and ensures everything will work smoothly when injuries occur.

There are several classes available that will educate students about the many regulations regarding workers' compensation. Classes will cover topics such as managing a compensation claim to the development of workers' compensation statutes. When considering workers' compensation education it may be wise to research safety standards and policy. Taking a pro-active approach to safety in a business environment is the best defense against possible injury and workers' compensation claims.

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