Keyboard Tutor

Written by Josh Dodes
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If you think that enlisting a private keyboard tutor is neither worthwhile nor affordable, you might be surprised on both counts. After all, in an increasingly computer-intensive world, individuals who have not learned how to touch-type will find themselves at an increasing disadvantage. At the same time, the best keyboard tutors are now closer and far more inexpensive than you may have imagined.

That's because today's best personalized typing tutors are not people, but software. Thanks to the diligence and innovation of a handful of exceptional software developers, the best new typing tutor programs on the market are now more effective, more efficient, and more affordable than their human-taught predecessors. Best of all, of course, the premier programs on the market come to you, and are willing to work on your schedule!

Self-Adjusting Keyboard Tutors

The most impressive software currently available comes to you in a different way, as well: by customizing its own lessons to meet your skills and needs. By evaluating and monitoring your progress and pace, these exceptional keyboard tutor applications ensure that you will neither fall behind nor waste your time with skills you've already developed. And that means that you can advance at a steady, solid pace that will have you typing like a pro before you know it.

Now that outstanding typing programs are so easily found on the Web, there is no excuse for hunting and pecking or, worse, for writing only by hand. Computers are certain to become even more ubiquitous and essential in the years to come. As such, you have only two choices: make a proactive decision to keep up, or resign yourself to falling further and further behind.

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