Mac Dvorak Typing Tutors

Written by Josh Dodes
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Both inexpensive and available in the form of risk-free shareware, Mac Dvorak typing tutors are an idea whose time has truly come. Until recently, of course, the pace with which computer users became aware of the importance of touch-typing far outstripped the pace with which they became aware of ergonomic concerns. Today's confluence of both priorities has made Mac Dvorak typing tutors a sensible and smart decision.

The best Dvorak typing tutorials, like the QWERTY tutorials from which they have largely been adapted, offer efficient, enjoyable learning in the comfort of your own home or office. With few people of any age or experience level able to put their lives on hold to learn how to touch-type all at once, the convenience of such software can be tremendous. Better still, because the top typing tutor programs actually adjust their lessons to your strengths and weaknesses automatically, you can be sure that what little time you are able to devote to the process is used wisely.

Mac Dvorak Typing Tutors and Ergonomics

The other clear reason why Mac Dvorak typing tutors make so much sense is that they teach a keyboard layout that is ergonomically friendly. With more individuals than ever before able to productively work on their computers without interruption for hours on end, even minor ergonomic strain can translate into major long-term injuries. The Dvorak keyboard layout goes a long way to alleviating this concern.

Simple to find and easy to download, these programs may just be the solution for which you have been looking. Conduct your own research online, in order to find the right typing tutor for you. The Internet is full of websites and literature on this subject.

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