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Written by Josh Dodes
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In the last several years, typing tutor applications have undergone a profound transformation. This transformation has come just in the nick of time: with computers increasingly dominating our day-to-day lives, those without the capacity to touch-type have found themselves at an increasingly sizable disadvantage. Fortunately, the best new typing tutor applications are not only far more effective than their forebears; they are also far more efficient.

With even schoolchildren more harried than they used to be, the growing need for individuals to learn typing skills must compete with a shrinking amount of free time in which to do so. That is one important reason why the leading keyboard tutor publishers have put a premium on developing programs that automatically adjust to your strengths and weaknesses. In so doing, these exceptional programs ensure that what limited time you can devote to learning will indeed be devoted to learning, rather than to redundant lessons that you have already mastered.

Typing Tutor Applications Improve Safety

Less well-known than the productivity benefits of proper touch-typing, but no less important, are the ergonomic benefits of proper touch-typing. Now that email and the Internet allow us to work on the computer for longer uninterrupted periods than ever before, even the slight strains of typing improperly can quickly lay the groundwork for repetitive stress disorders. By teaching you how to type in the most ergonomically efficient manner, the top typing tutor applications can therefore kill two birds with one stone, simultaneously increasing productivity and safety.

With remarkable typing tutor software now so easily found, there is no longer any reason to delay. The time has arrived to take seriously the manifold benefits of learning how to touch-type. After all, only by making a proactive decision to improve your typing skills today can you enjoy the benefits of doing so for years to come.

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