Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal?

Written by evamason
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The concern whether it is ethical to use the custom essay writing services or not is one of the major matters of discussion among the college students and academic teachers. Now that I have realized the complexities of the current scenario, I have decided to put this article to talk about the issue of hiring any custom essays writer as compare to working on it individually.

I believe custom essay writing services to be ethical but how students use it is certainly debatable and controversial. Students should take these services as part of their tuition. It is just like usage of computers or television which are legal to be sold but these accessories can be used for illegal purposes. The good thing about custom essay writing service is that they simply let students delegate the part of their work so that they can concentrate on what really matters to them.

During my study I had several courses that I considered to be absolutely useless, I loved my major and make all writing assignments myself, but I hated Compositions, where you need to write some blah-blah-blah about your personal experiences and make 5 revisions polishing your work. I always ordered papers in such cases and haven't experienced any ethical problems with that. Instead of distressing myself I could concentrate on what I really liked.

A part from all that it would absolutely be legal/ethical for any student to buy custom essay if they fulfill the following conditions:

1) They are using the service solely for the learning purpose.
2) They fully understand and comprehend the custom writing material.
3) They speak English as a second language.
4) They want to concentrate on their major subjects.

Well, students personally have never experienced any legal problems with using such services if they use trustful custom essay writing service since they keep all information private.

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