Acs Technology

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It wasn't so long ago when new small business owners considered nothing more than a telephone system to manage their communications needs. In fact, most small business owners, especially those new to the concept, barely considered doing any investigation into communications other than to count the initial number of employees and purchase a phone system with the right number of units. A forward thinking owner might have asked whether the system could be expanded as his/her business grew, but that was most likely the extent of the conversation.

Today, however, small business owners are becoming more savvy about the value of communications to any business venture, and they recognize that communications technology has moved ahead light years from the time when a simple phone system was needed. It's obvious to most people today that they need to be able to reach customers and, more important, be accessible to customers in as many ways as possible. They are often looking for phone, fax, data, and surveillance options.

Acs Technology Today

Acs technology that includes multi-function telephone units is a very common choice for even start-up businesses today. Getting just the "basics" installed can be a costly error. Think of what the option of leaving a message can mean to a bottom line. Simple functions such as internal call forwarding, external message retrieval, and caller ID have become almost commonplace, especially since many customers now expect to have those options.

Advanced communications technology is making it ever easier to communicate with your customers and staff and much easier for them to reach you. There are now systems available that even include such interesting options as call forwarding to cell phones. Imagine the possibilities that evolve when a customer can call a sales rep's cell phone and, if the rep is not available, can reach a live person with forwarding from cell phones to your office! When you're beginning to design your communications system, consider all the "bells and whistles"--some of them may be exactly what you need.

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