Avaya Definity

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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No matter what type of business you own or for whose communications you are responsible, you must understand that your customer contacts are the face of your business. Whether it is in conversations with your sales representatives or questions for your customer service department, your customers want fast, easy, and reliable access to you and your staff. Your communications systems must be able to provide that capability.

That access is the lifeblood of your customer relationships.Avaya Definity systems provide you with all of the above features as well as many more that will enhance your ability to manage your entire communications process more effectively. With an Avaya voice/data merged system, you will experience 99.99-99.999% availability. When you can measure your annual downtime in seconds rather than days, you are getting the best possible service in communications.

Avaya Definity Online

You will be able to find several different Definity systems on the Internet. They include voice and data integrated servers that offer multimedia messaging and system management options that will bring your multi-site organization into the 21st century. Definity One (TM) is great for companies that need 20 or more phones, and it can be expanded up to over 200 when you're ready.

For the large or growing business looking for online communications solutions, Definity business systems can support anywhere from 40 to 25,000 units. You will be able to discuss details with online vendors who will help you to assess your communications needs and develop the solutions package that is just right for you. Remember, Avaya systems offer you reliability and expandability as well as security, and they support all of the features you will need to integrate your communications with wireless, messaging, and call center functions.

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