Avaya Voicemail

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Avaya Lucent Partner voicemail features are impressive, and they can be a real mainstay in your customer relations communications. Your Avaya voicemail system helps you to keep in touch with your customers and allows you to provide them with a personal message even when you're busy on another line. On top of everything else, with Avaya, your customers will be able to leave you messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Avaya systems include time and date call stamping that allows you to respond to the most critical calls in order of urgency. If your customers call during your business hours, you will even be able to offer them the option to transfer out of your voicemail to speak to a live person such as a receptionist or secretary. With its automated attendant feature, your system will give your callers their choice of any of several options that will help them to reach specific departments. These features mean far fewer instances when your callers do not speak to a live person, and statistics show that customer loyalty is improved with live contact.

Your Personal Touch

One of the great features of an Avaya voicemail system is its ability to track you down. You can program your system to dial up to five phone numbers where you can be reached when there is a message waiting for you in the system. This feature is called "outcalling" and can be a real added advantage for your customers with urgent needs.

Avaya Partner voicemail systems improve productivity by improving accessibility, and they are available in several different levels so that you can purchase what you need today with the option to expand tomorrow. Your new Avaya system is loaded onto a PC diskette that plugs into your Partner phone system and requires no special cables or adapters. When you're ready to grow, you will find that enhanced features can be added in the same way. Partner voicemail systems are very reasonably priced and, like all Avaya Products, are designed just for your small business.

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