Business Phone Installations

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Business phone installations constitute a crucial step in the life of your business communications system. Depending on how it is handled, the installation process can have repercussions, either positive or negative, that continue long after the actual installation has finished. For this reason, it is important to carefully plan the installation.

A poor installation process can result in endless headaches for both communications managers and employees. To give just a couple of examples, installers that brush off your planning indications for unit and line assignments may end up installing the wrong phones at the wrong stations. Surge protection and grounding are other very important factors. Poor installers may provide shoddy or inadequate protection, which could result not only in system malfunctions and lost data, but also safety hazards for employees.

Tips for Good Business Phone Installations

Just as you wouldn't want to purchase poor-quality equipment, even at bargain prices, neither would you want to save money on a sloppy, chaotic installation. Reputable business phone installers work closely with managers--either following their desired plans, or helping them to come up with logical and well-functioning system plans. As a matter of course, phone installers should be able to show you, before beginning, a thorough and understandable written installation plan.

Good installers will first inspect your site to familiarize themselves with its possibilities as well as its quirks. This, along with the floor plan you provide them, should help them greatly in executing a trouble-free installation. Their installation plans should include surge and lighting protectors to guard both people and expensive equipment from electric hazards. Installers should always label C.O. lines to avoid the chaos and annoyance of improperly connected fax, phone, and DSL lines. Finally, by providing comprehensive user training for the newly installed phone system, they can help your company avoid confusion, wasted time, and lost productivity.

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