Business Phone Plans

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Business phone plans need to be chosen carefully, with special attention paid to the details. A great plan for one business can be disastrous for another. The wrong plan for your company's needs can end up costing your business not only in terms of money, but also time and inconvenience. Some may think that simply going with a big-name telecom provider will ensure a good deal, but this isn't necessarily so.

For one thing, businesses differ enormously in how they use their phone service. For example, some companies make very few long distance calls, while others consistently make a large volume of these calls. To complicate things further, among the companies that do make long distance calls, some rely on wireless devices, while others do not. For each of these variables, businesses must examine the corresponding details of any phone plan. Having a professional design your system and plan can be the most efficient way to go, rather than upgrading or installing in a piecemeal fashion.

Variations in Phone Plans

Telecom companies offer business phone plans that focus on different aspects of phone service. Some plans are geared towards saving on long distance service only within the continental United States. Others offer great savings on international calling plans. Still others may offer competitive rates on all long distance calls, no matter where in the world they're destined.

Some calling plans are designed to save on international wireless calling. Some plans charge by the minute and destination, while others "bundle" local and long distances services into one package for a flat monthly fee. In some plans, further discounts are given for calls made to popular long distance destinations--for instance, China, India, or the Philippines. Finally, some very popular plans allow calls from mobile phones to be included in the bundled calling package.

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