Call Pilot 100

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you've ever thought about the time and money it costs your business when connections are not made, messages are not received, and tasks are not completed, you will want to consider the advantages of having a Norstar Call Pilot 100 voice mail system in place in your company. A voice mail system means that you will not miss important calls, and phone tag will be a thing of the past. A Call Pilot system means that you can even receive long, detailed messages that can reduce or eliminate return calls.

Working in an environment in which busy employees no longer have to take other people's calls can improve productivity. It can also reduce customer stress and save you an enormous amount of time. Once you learn about the variety of features available on your Norstar Call Pilot system, you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Call Pilot 100 Advantages

Your new Call Pilot voice mail system has 10 mailboxes and 4 channel capacity. It's perfect for your small or medium-sized business. Up to four incoming calls or a combination of incoming calls and staff checking their voice mails can occur simultaneously in the basic system. Planning for the future? Your Call Pilot system allows for expansion up to 40 lines.

Your Norstar voice mail system will create an immediate and impressive improvement in your business communications solutions. Taking advantage of such features as call transfer to other users, call saving, and call forwarding by any user will quickly become a huge timesaver for everyone on the system. Your phones will even alert you when you have messages.

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