Written by Sierra Rein
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The history behind the Comdial Company began in 1894 with the partnership of Alfred Stromberg and Androv Carlson, two employees of the Chicago Bell Telephone Company. Their goal was to create a better telephone once the patents of Alexander Graham Bell's telephone ran out. They joined more than thirty other companies in the race to the future of communications.

The first official "Comdial" phone did not arise until the Comdial Corporation picked up the Charlottesville facility of the Stromberg-Carlson Company in 1982. At that time, the company began developing telephony equipment using the information gleaned by nearly one hundred years of phone design and interface experience. After purchasing Key Voice Technologies in 1996, the business was able to incorporate voice processing information and equipment into their overall design plan.

Comdial Products at a Glance

This company features a vast range of business communication solution products, from the DX-80 desktop office phone to the Corporate Office voice mail messaging system. For small or medium-sized businesses seeking to grow and improve their client list, Comdial has also created a series of customer interaction solutions such as the Interchange Communications Suite. This suite adds the capabilities of a call center option to increase the organization of in-bound call routing and reporting, allowing the right person to get in touch with the right department as soon as possible.

Finally, the company creates both traditional and advanced endpoint technologies, including the Impact SCS, Scout II and EP300 Voice IP endpoints. Mobile, in-house and remote employees can connect with greater ease through an all-digital network of information. These systems are also incredibly flexible, giving any company the chance to grow, change and adjust to varying market and business trends.

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