Comdial Dx 80

Written by Rachel Arieff
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The Comdial DX 80 is a phone friendly to small businesses. In fact, it was specifically designed with the small business user in mind, with an affordable price and an array of features rivaling that of the big PBX systems. These features include an interactive LCD display that supports Caller ID information, speakerphone and headset features, and 30 buttons that can be programmed to perform speed dial operations and extension configurations.

Other features include a "do not disturb" mode. This gives you the option to block the ringing of unwanted calls while you're engaged in important conversations that demand your utmost attention. "Call park" allows you to store and retrieve calls from any extension in your group, and call forwarding enables calls to be directed to voicemail or another extension. These features give you more mobility, and thus more accessibility to your calls.

More Features of the Comdial DX 80 Phone
Comdial's integrated voicemail technology is among the most important features included in the DX 80. This technology relies on proprietary software designed by Comdial to maximize efficiency and choices. For example, the automated attendant feature greets callers professionally, while also directing their calls to the appropriate departments.

Call screening allows you to hear the name of the caller, giving you the option of picking up the call or letting it go to voicemail. Call recording allows you the option to record calls in part, or in their entirety, while the queuing feature enables callers to hold and have their calls be answered according to their place in the queue.

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