Comdial Executech

Written by Rachel Arieff
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The Comdial Executech business phone is a key phone unit that comes in a number of different models to meet your particular needs. Price differences are often a factor of the number of lines that each model offers. For instance, one of the more standard and economically priced Comdial phone units is the Comdial Executech 3508. This phone features eight separate lines and is advertised as being compatible with all Executech control units.

The Comdial Executech 6614 is also one of the more lower-priced models, though it's a little bit more expensive than the 3508, since it has 14 lines instead of eight. Some Executech control units, namely the 308, 616, 820, and 824 units, do not work with the Executech 6614, although the rest of the control units are said to be compatible with this phone. Variations on the Executech 6614 include the 6614E, 6614S, and 6614T.

Other Comdial Executech Phones
Some Executech models feature six lines, such as the most economically priced phone, the Comdial Executech 6706. Other models offer eight lines. Among them are the Comdial Executech control units, 816 KSU and 824 KSU. These systems support 16 and 24 telephones, respectively. They also work with either Digitech or Impact software.

As stated earlier, not all Executech control units support all models. For instance, the Comdial Executech 824 KSU will work only with Comdial units 3508, 3598 and 6414. Thus it's always important, before purchasing Executech phones and control units, to make sure they're compatible. Though these units are purchased on a used and refurbished basis, they should nevertheless come with acceptable service plans and warranties.

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