Comdial Impact

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Comdial Impact phones represent the new generation of telephones. These telephones take advantage of advanced communications technology to incorporate many different features into one unit. Though the technology is complex, these phones are designed for optimum ease of use. After all, the whole point of the new phone technology is to make your life simpler, not more confusing.

There are a number of different Comdial Impact models to choose from, each varying in its package of features. However, they do share some features in common. To begin with, all Comdial Impact phones are multi-line key units with speakerphone capability. All offer volume control and mute options that enable you to control how your voice is perceived. To help you with the important task of keeping track of your calls, they also feature message waiting indicators and status LEDs in three colors.

Other Features of Comdial Impact Phones
As for features that vary from phone to phone, some Impact models are equipped with hands-free capability and a headset port. This is an important feature for many busy people who want to be free to engage in other tasks while on the phone. Instant dialing options, such as speed dial and last number redial, are crucial time-saving features that many of today's organizations cannot go without.

Another important feature is VoIP technology. The Comdial Impact I Primo unit has 12 lines and a large LCD screen. It also uses money-saving LAN- and WAN-based VoIP technology, or Voice over Internet Protocol. This model utilizes the Internet as a digital mode of voice transmission, rather than traditional telephone switches, allowing you to connect it directly to the company's network.

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