Comdial Phone Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are a lot of choices when it comes to Comdial phone systems. However, all these systems are commonly designed to meet even the most demanding of business environments. Due to their simple yet extensive design and expanding capabilities, these phones and their compatible modules can help a upstart enterprise build a base of client and employee communications and can also aid an established company maintain its groundwork of customer support and day-to-day business demands.

The most popular of all Comdial phone systems is the DX-80 package. It combines DX-80 executive phones with a main system cabinet and extra expansion unit consoles. A Corporate Office DX Hard Drive voice mail can then be installed with the latest voice messaging software to create a fully functional messaging system capable of taking and processing every call that comes in.

Another popular line of Comdial phone systems is the DSU II system. This is considered a classic system in that it utilizes a single cabinet to fulfill every business need. It is easy to install into a small or medium sized business and comes with more than 200 regular, easy to understand call features.

The Latest of All Comdial Phone Systems

The FXII phone system starts with a single cabinet with six universal slots and can be maximized to up to five cabinets with 30 universal slots. A maximum of 480 digital or analog stations can be plugged into the system at any time with 240 maximum lines. The FXII system can handle VoIP and ISDN networking, voice and call processing, and such call centers as QuickQ ACD and Enhanced Customer Service solutions.

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