Comdial Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Comdial is the brand name of a popular line of business phone products and services. These phones are used by small businesses and corporate America alike, offering many options in terms of features. For example, the Comdial Single Line Impact SCS Phone, as its name makes clear, offers just a single phone line. However, it contains useful features such as message waiting, volume control with a mute button, a tap with LED, and transfer and conference capabilities.

If you're shopping for more than single-line phones, however, other options are available from Comdial. For instance, the Impact product line can come with either 12 or 24 lines, with or without LCD displays. These displays are desirable because they can provide useful information such as caller identity, the time, the number being dialed, and the length of calls. In some cases, even the status of the phone can be displayed--for example, if the phone is on call forwarding. Display sizes vary. Generally, the larger the display, the more expensive the phone.

More about Comdial Business Phones

Other Comdial models contain speakerphones, programmable buttons, headset jacks, and hands-free features. For busy associates who are used to multitasking--entering information into the computer while handling phone calls, for instance--these features are not just convenient, but essential. A modern call center without hands-free and headset capabilities would be a disaster.

Comdial business phones may be purchased either new or refurbished from many retail vendors, including online vendors. Refurbished phones are used phones that have been inspected and, if needed, repaired to be in like-new condition. These phones are sold at cheaper prices than brand new models, yet often come with warranties. For this reason, many businesses choose to purchase refurbished Comdial phones because they can save money without risk.

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