Cortelco Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Cortelco phone systems offer various products for your business. These include single-line phones, multiple-line phones, cordless phones, key phone systems, and voicemail capabilities. Cortelco is a full-service company that offers not only phones and communications services, but also customer contract manufacturing and planning and implementation services.

Cortelco used to be a division of ITT Telecom. It can trace its roots back to 1897, with the foundation of the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company in Illinois. In 1952, Kellogg Switchboard became a division of the company that we know as ITT, which had a manufacturing facility located in Corinth, Mississippi. In the 1980s, ownership of this facility was transferred to Alcatel, the world's leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. The facility was renamed Cortelco, as an acronym for the Corinth Telecommunications Corporation.

More about Cortelco Business Phones

Today, Cortelco offers telecommunications equipment and services for both home and corporate use. The company considers itself an innovative leader in the telecommunications world, with equipment that is long-lasting, user friendly and well designed. Cortelco also strives for customer service excellence, offering technical support as well. The company states that its goal is for its products and services is to directly benefit clients' overall business performance.

In the way of products, Cortelco offers basic phone units, PBX systems, hospital telephones, conference phones, cordless phones, independent caller ID units, slim-bodied "trendline" telephones, and finally, "feature-rich" business phones. Feature-rich phones are business key phone sets that offer all the necessities you need for your business, including caller ID, call waiting, transfer and conferencing buttons, call forwarding, and your choice of either one or two phone lines.

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