Executone Phone

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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You can purchase a variety of Executone phones on the Internet. In fact, you can find both new and refurbished phones that come with the features you need to offer reliable and efficient phone services to your customers and staff. Fairly basic models come with liquid crystal displays, programmable keys, "soft" keys that change functions with one touch, and the ability to receive a second internal call.

One step up gives you a two-line LCD display, and a full speakerphone that will give you quality sound on both internal and external calls and will make conferencing a breeze. Most of their models also allow for headset use. Many Executone phones come in more than one color, but their standard is charcoal. They offer sleek, modern design and quality construction. You can find several models in like-new condition online for well under $100 each, and you may even be able to find discounts for the purchase of multiple sets.

Accessories and Other Features

You can also purchase handsets for your Executone phones by going on the Internet as well. Again, you can get excellent prices for completely refurbished accessories that will keep your phones up and running for many, many years. Some of the accessories you may want to have on hand for the occasional employee who spills a can of cola into his handset include handset cords and line cords.

When you purchase your refurbished Executone equipment, be sure to look at guarantee offers and for multiple purchase discounts. Some companies also include free shipping for orders exceeding a specified dollar amount. Many of the vendors that offer refurbished equipment also sell new sets and accessories. Executone phones are reliable, reasonably priced, and attractively designed, and they will be the perfect match for your Executone system.

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