Fujitsu Phones

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Fujitsu phones can be purchased either brand new or refurbished. The differences will due to be the age and capabilities of the units. The new phones will feature the most up-to-date IP telephony, while older Fujitsu phones will use conventional key technology. Both kinds are workable in today's office environment. However, not all phones will work in all offices, so it's important to purchase according to your particular office setup.

For instance, small businesses that use conventional phone technology, as opposed to Voice over Internet Protocol, will find the older Fujitsu phone models appropriate for their situation. IP telephony requires a data network to which the phone system is connected. Some small businesses don't even have data networks, so the new technology in Fujitsu phones would be useless to them. On the other hand, businesses that use a WAN or LAN network are probably able to accommodate a state-of-the-art ISDN phone system from Fujitsu.

Specifics on Fujitsu Phones

Some of the most basic refurbished Fujitsu models, such as the FT-12, come in at well under $200 through some online retailers. This line of phones is basic but has all the essentials, such as eight fixed and 12 programmable buttons. This particular phone only works with the F9600 system. This is an important thing to pay attention to when buying any type of phone system, for you don't want to wind up purchasing the phones that are incompatible with the system itself.

Another popular refurbished Fujitsu line is the Starlog. These phones are also priced for economy. The most basic refurbished model is advertised for little over $100 on some vendor websites. Other refurbished phones include LCD displays and speakerphone capabilities, and all should include voicemail features.

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