Gn Netcom

Written by Sierra Rein
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The GN Netcom Company is one of the largest designers and suppliers of hands-free headset and communication equipment. Founded in 1987, the company began as a spin off from the Danish-based GN Danavox. Ever since it introduced the Stetomike headset, this company has grown in both size and scope and has offered the world a number of groundbreaking innovations.

GN Netcom put its stamp on history by creating the first noise canceling microphone as well as the Activa, the first headset to come with an amplifier built into the system. Recently, the company has branched out into creating the GN 9000 BT, a headset certified and compatible with Bluetooth equipment. More Bluetooth items soon came after, including the GN 6110, a wireless headset capable of linking one's office phone and any Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone together.

The Future Goals of GN Netcom

Today, GN Netcom has 15 sales offices and operates in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. The company continues its research and development stages in Copenhagen and facilitates production in China. One of the company's major goals is to continue to be the leader in manufacturing and marketing Bluetooth wireless technology headsets (of which GN Netcom has a 30-35% share).

GN Netcom and its Mobile Division will continue to concentrate their efforts on three basic markets: contact centers, office personnel and both personal and business-oriented users of cellular phones. For contact centers and business environments, the focus will be on headsets (both corded and wireless), headset amplifiers, as well as a wide range of headset equipment made for Internet telephony. For mobile phone owners, the design and marketing of JABRA-brand solutions (hand-free equipment technologies) for cell and cordless phones and two-way radio products will be at the top of the company's development list.

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