Hands Free Phone Equipment

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Hands-free phone equipment is an essential facet of today's successful workstation or mobile office. These days, information flies by at a faster pace than ever. Whether you work in a call center or in consulting, the more you're able to process information simultaneously as you're receiving it, the better off you will be. Having both your hands free to handle the tasks of data entry, jotting down freehand notes, or looking for information on your PC while on a phone call is crucial to job performance.

Besides efficiency, there is another important reason for hands-free phone equipment: ergonomics. Today, we understand much better the importance of proper body positioning to avoid unnecessary physical stress and pain. We've learned a lot from injuries resulting from poor body posture while working--including their detrimental impact on company insurance policies and worker productivity.

Ergonomically Friendly Business Phones

Ergonomically correct workplaces are good for employees, and they're good for the bottom line. Hands-free phone sets are great ergonomic tools, for they enable employees to avoid awkward positions while they're talking on the phone. Cramping the handset between one's head and shoulder while typing is the most obvious example of bad positioning that is eliminated with the hands-free feature.

Even holding the phone up to the ear can cause stress on the body if done repetitively or for large amounts of time. Particularly if the model is a typical business key phone with a cord, you can be stuck in the same position, unable even to get up and move around your cubicle. A hands-free speakerphone, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to make and take calls, dialing and all, without ever having to lift the handset from the unit.

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