Hotel Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Hotel phone systems are geared towards the special needs of the hospitality sector. Hotels have a special set of challenges. Namely, they must deliver great service to their guests while operating as efficiently and economically as possible. Depending on the size of the hotel, there can be anywhere from tens to hundreds of phone units involved.

Each of these units must function at its best, or guest satisfaction is compromised. Poor phone service is a surefire recipe for unhappy guests, and unhappy guests means an unfortunate loss of business for hotels. Thus hotels must find phone systems that are economically priced, easy to maintain, user-friendly, and reliable. In the case of high-end hotels and those catering to business travelers, the expectations are even higher, as these guests are more demanding when it comes to phone services.

Hotel Phone Products and Services

Hotels must also make sure that their phone systems come with good service plans. This ensures that if and when problems arise, they will be fixed quickly, with no fuss or confusion. Hotels are busy and stressful environments, and when it comes to phone systems, they need to be able to count on a high level of products and services.

These products include the basics such as automated wake-up calls and voicemail. In addition, though, today's competitive hotel phone services also include speed dialing, conferencing capability, and wireless services. Along with these products, hotels expect services such as planning and consultation, staff training sessions, immediate technical response and customer support, and routine maintenance and system upgrades.

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