Infinite Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Made by the Vodavi Company, Infinite phones are built to provide any business with top of the line communication tool solutions. From the eight-button enhanced speakerphone desk phone to the Elite large-screen display telephone, all Infinite models are CTI-enabled and capable of DSS console connectivity. With just one Infinite phone, both customer relations and employee productivity rates can improve to a new business level.

All Infinite phones are designed to be a part of a larger telephone system. This system can be simple at first, depending on the simplest needs of the company. However, as the business grows to meet increasing demands, a more complex system of Infinite phones and accessories can be installed into the established core base of phones.

The most popular of expandable Infinite digital systems are the Mach 1 and XTS systems. The Mach 1 can increase a three-line, eight digital station system to a 12-line, 32-station super system, while the XTS cabinet system can accommodate up to 600 ports at one time! The XTS system can be configured from one to six different cabinets, depending on the company's rate of growth, and can be easily stacked and stored in a communications closet or equipment room.

Infinite Phones Can Become the Answer to Business Questions

So, whether your company demands 12 or 492 telephone stations, the Infinite family of phones has you covered. All the normal, up-to-date teleconferencing and telephony requirements are met with even the most basic Infinite unit. Finally, through the integration of Digital TalkPath and PathFinder voice software, every phone can become a full-functioning answering and messaging system.

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