Written by Sierra Rein
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Established in 1969, the Intertel Company is one of the most sought-after companies for business communication solutions. An Arizona-based company, Intertel is constantly available to small, medium and large corporations as well as governmental entities to solve IP and voice messaging problems. It also strives to develop new and better ways to converge and enable currently installed communication systems.

Intertel offers a long list of serviceable products ranging from simple desktop phones to IP telephony and CT applications. A small or medium business can save a huge portion of its communication budget by purchasing a simple system of Intertel products and expand them to match the company's growth rate. Utilizing the Access Converged Communications Platform, a business can also go to the next level and connect wireless, cellular, Internet, LAN/WAN and PDA devices together in a fully centralized system.

Intertel specializes in designing, perfecting and manufacturing a huge range of IP endpoint devices. These include the Model 8000 series, a family of IP digital phones. All of these phones meet every single demand commonly found in today's business environment, while some models are also capable of connecting to wireless networks and a the Unified Communicator Windows programming software.

Other Intertel Support Options and Services

This company has also created a Managed Services Program designed to help each business conceptualize and apply a strategic communications plan that fits the company economically and developmentally. These managed services take into account main and peripheral products, voice and data networking, financial solutions, and traffic provisions. By employing this program, even a failing business can perform an amazing turnaround in customer and client service, employee goodwill and business opportunities, creating a faster growth rate and a higher outlook on the company's future.

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