Intertel Communications

Written by Sierra Rein
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Intertel Communications (also known as Inter-Tel) was established in Arizona in 1969. Today, it employs almost 1800 people and offers service to more than 500,000 company customers. These companies include health care and hospital providers, real estate and landscaping firms, educational institutions and technological and industrial manufacturers.

Intertel Communications is a member of the STC, or the Society of Telecommunications Consultants, and is highly regarded as a constructive and responsible company. As a member of this society, Intertel follows a set of strict standards of professional conduct in addition to a series of strong ethical codes. These standards and codes require members to be independently run and to only sell products and services that are independent in nature.

Indeed, any company that demands high value communications to do business could utilize the solutions offered by Intertel Communications. Intertel is currently concentrating on multimedia communications and is expanding into networked and server-based software. The company's goal is to eventually place itself at the head of Internet-facilitated voice and data convergence solutions.

Other Intertel Communications Services

Some of the most important Intertel services are Managed Services, which include the development of custom network applications and traffic provisioning. Intertel Communications can work with any business, young or experienced, and come up with comprehensive and easily adjusted communication programs. If the situation calls for the integration of state-of-the-art tools with older technologies, Intertel can organize add-on services that will help reduce costs and create an easier transition period from the old system to the new.

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