Intertel Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Walk into any large office environment, and chances are you will find Intertel phones hard at work providing the business with clear sound and multiple-line functionality. Indeed, Intertel is one of the largest manufacturers of high-traffic office and home business phones on the market today. The following are just a few of the popular types and models available today.

Perhaps the most widely used of all models is the Intertel Axxess Executive Phone. Featuring a LCD screen and digital speakerphone, this affordably designed phone can be connected to any Axxess or Axxent phone system. Combine it with other Axxess equipment, such as the Intertel Axxess DSS Console for Decision Support System use, and you will have a strong, basic telephone system.

The line of Premier Intertel phones is also a solid option for businesses seeking multiple-line telephone functionality. Premier phones come with either eight, 12 or 24 buttons that can be custom programmed for any extension or operation. They can be chosen with either LCD or STD screens and can be hooked into a number of different Premier consoles and multi-line modules.

IP Intertel Phones Take the Business to the Next Level

In June of 2000, Intertel debuted the company's collection of IP phones. These software-based phones are actually computer-based and work as a virtual communication tool to take messages, connect extensions and log phone minutes. Designed for main and branch offices, hotels or home businesses, these Intertel phones can be plugged into an Intertel Axxess system via a data or high-speed Internet line for optimum connectivity.

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