Iwatsu Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Iwatsu Electric, the company responsible for designing and manufacturing Iwatsu phones, is proud of over 65 years of pioneering new and improved telecommunications technologies. The company strives to set the pace of development rather than merely keeping it. After all, Iwatsu was instrumental in introducing and marketing the concept of utilizing electronic key telephone systems in Japan after it began production of telephones in 1947.

The most popular model of Iwatsu phones is the SLT IW-60. Designed to be compatible with Iwatsu's PBX/KTS terminal, these single-line phones feature last number re-dialing, speaker/handset/ringer volume controls, call mute, message waiting indicator flash, and fixed dial keys for PBX use. These phones can be used as a desktop phone or can be wall mounted for easy access.

The Wincle system is an oddly named yet fully operative digital communications solution for small businesses. This system is compatible with UX-618 KTD and UX-618 KTS Iwatsu phones and accommodates up to six CO (outside) lines and 18 internal extensions. Of all other Iwatsu systems, this one is the most economical, flexible, and easy to install.

Improving Iwatsu Phones with an ADIX Voice/Data System

If smooth and stable control of all incoming and outgoing calls is vital for your company's success, you may do well to include the ADIX voice and data communication system. It can cope with a vast array of digital information data and is designed to add, not replace, expansion modules if a company wishes to have extra ports. This voice messaging system is ideal for small-room hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts and a number of small business types.

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