Key Phone Systems

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Key phone systems are, quite simply, telephone systems that are based on digital-key telephone models. Aside from the actual 12-key pad, these phones also can feature LCD screens, multiple lines, intercom, voicemail, transferring capabilities, and call forwarding. These phones may either be used with internal, PBX-style systems, or with outside phone lines.

When it comes to key phone systems, your choices are many--which can be both good and bad. Having choices is always good. However, having a great deal of options can become confusing. Thus, the best way to sort through the many options available to you in key phone systems is to know exactly what your company needs.

Choosing Key Phone Systems

For example, features such as transferring, multiple lines, and voicemail are standard to key phones. However, other features, such as LCD screens, are not. If caller identification is important to your company, then LCD screens should be part of the criteria for choosing key phone models. Furthermore, although more than one line is standard to key phones, the question then becomes, "How many lines do we need on our phones?"

Consider your company's future expansion when purchasing key phone systems. For example, it's better to purchase phone models with too many additional lines than too little. If your company expands and more lines are needed, then this won't be a problem. However, in the reverse situation, you'll end up having to replace your phones and losing a lot of money. In other words, many companies make the mistake of thinking too small and purchasing phone systems that leave them no room to grow.

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