Keyvoice Voice Mail

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Key Voice is a developer and manufacturer of voicemail products and systems geared to growing businesses. Key Voice provides integration into digitally based technologies through a wide variety of open voice processing platforms. These platforms enable voicemail and email to work together using the same network. This highly increases office efficiency and productivity.

Key Voice has recently developed a voice and email messaging system based on Windows 2000 software. This means that the program can be used in any office that uses Windows 2000--which these days, is just about everybody. Using the Microsoft Outlook program as a platform, this unified messaging system, called Interchange, allows you to retrieve and administer email, fax, and voicemail messages from the convenience of your own PC.

More Key Voice Products and Services

Interchange also gives you two options in retrieving your messages: from a single Outlook inbox, or over the phone. This allows you even more efficiency and convenience. For instance, some days, you may be in a hurry to leave, but you first need to retrieve your messages. If you've already shut your computer down, the phoning option enables you to get your messages without having to wait for your computer to start up again.

Other products and services offered by Key Voice include network-based voicemail systems, audio text systems, and all-in-one high-tech packages that can be integrated into the most commonly used business phone systems. These all-in-one systems effectively unify text-to-speech capability, fax processing, outbound dialing solutions, interactive voice response technology, and call control from your PC.

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