Lcd Phones

Written by Rachel Arieff
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LCD phones offer one of the features most coveted by busy people: liquid crystal display screens. These screens give you a variety of important information in a clear and easy to read format. For example, with each call that comes in, the LCD screen automatically displays who is calling you, and from where. Calls coming from inside the company are indicated with a name and extension number. Depending on the phone, calls coming from outside may be likewise indicated, or they may simply be indicated as "outside calls."

While you're on a call, a timer on the LCD screen may display the minute and second length of the call. When you miss a call, the LCD screen can inform you if the call went to voicemail, if it was answered by another extension, or if the call was dropped. The size of the screen is also an important factor. A phone with a small LCD screen that's hard to read won't do you much good, so it's always important to verify the size of the LCD screen before buying.

Customizing LCD Phones

LCD screens also provide other useful information such as the date, time, and your extension number, as well as other information you can program yourself. For many people, the ability to customize the LCD display is important because it's a way to personalize the phone. A personalized phone is not just more comfortable to work with, but it also helps users avoid simple errors that waste time and cause frustration.

Many LCD phones provide a system of prompts that allows users to program their phones down to the minutest detail. These prompts are displayed on the LCD screen itself in a user-friendly format, eliminating the need to refer to a manual or receive special training.

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