Long Distance Business Phone Service

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Long distance business phone services have gone digital, and in the process, are saving companies big bucks. Long distance calls are a fact of life for most businesses. In the past, companies spent millions of dollars on long distance carriers. However, with today's digital technology, it's now possible for businesses to avoid paying long distance charges entirely. They do this by using the popular technology of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

VoIP uses an existing high-speed Internet connection, rather than traditional phone lines, to transmit voice data. Of course, special software and equipment must be purchased and installed in order for VoIP to function. Many companies are holding off until prices drop.

Internet-based Long Distance Service

VoIP calls can be placed in various ways. The most common way is through an analog telephone adaptor. This adaptor connects standard office phones to Internet-connected PCs, enabling long distance calls. It works through sophisticated technology that converts the analog sound signals of your telephone to a digital format. These digital signals are then sent, in compressed packets of information, over the Internet.

Traditional long distance is still used by most companies. Since prices are dropping to compete with VoIP technology, it is still a valid option. Reliability is a key issue, as are the costs of networking for smaller businesses. Contacting a phone system provider and asking for a quote can help any manager decide which path to choose.

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