Lucent Definity

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When you are looking for the undeniable leader in telephone communications systems, you should be looking at Lucent Definity. Definity systems are used in more places, by more different types and sizes of business than any other telephone communications systems in the world. The reasons are simple and obvious.

Definity systems offer unparalleled reliability, superior functionality, quality features, and a great price. What's more, you can find Definity systems, including new, used, and refurbished, right here on the Internet. With options that will enable you to manage your communications better than ever before, you will find that your investment has been well worthwhile.

Lucent Definity Systems Advantages

In addition to the above advantages available with Definity systems, you will find that they are a terrific choice for a company that is growing. When you are looking at a Definity system, you should have your business plan in hand to make sure that you buy with your planned growth in mind. Their basic communications server is capable of handling multi-site companies starting with around 20 telephones and able to grow to over 200 when you're ready. Their larger systems can handle thousands of telephones.

Definity systems are configured as upgradable with all servers using identical software, circuit packs, wiring, and phones. This allows you to add on to your system rather than having to replace it when the time comes to add new phones or sites. Definity systems can support voice, data, messaging, and video. Annual system downtime is often counted in minutes. In addition, Lucent systems offer the best security in the communications industry to protect your company.

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