Lucent Phones

Written by Sierra Rein
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Lucent phones were officially introduced into the market in 1996 after the systems and technology branch of AT&T spun off the company and was renamed Lucent Technologies. Since then, the company has broadened its spectrum into the design and manufacturing of a number of different optical, voice networking, data and mobile communication devices. These also include web-based business and personal networking solutions for companies and individuals eager to leap into the 21st century.

The most popular models of AT&T and Lucent phones are those that fall into the category of "digital desktop" machines. These phones are multi-line and can handle a large volume of calls per minute. The most commonly bought models include the Partner, Merlin, Definity and Spirit phones.

For example, Partner MLS Lucent phones come in six, 12, 18, or 34-button models and can be expanded to further button volume through the use of a Partner CA-24 Call Assistant (an add-on DSS unit). Those Partner models that come with a "D" in their model number (as in "Partner MLS 12D") include a built-in large display screen for line and feature appearances. Finally, all Partner model phones offer headset, handset and speakerphone capabilities, allowing an employee or receptionist complete control of how to take and handle incoming calls.

Expanding Popular Lucent Phones into Full Communication Systems

The Merlin and Definity phone models are similar in design to the Partner style, except that each brand of phone comes with an entire line of phone system applications. A set of Merlin phones, for instance, can be linked to an entire network of communication lines through the Merlin Magix 412 TDL Module. It is therefore extremely important to discuss with a Lucent expert on which of the systems is right for the company before making a decision about accessories and expansion units.

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