Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Available in black or gray, the Norstar's M7208 speakerphone can be found on the Internet where you can purchase either new or refurbished units (sometimes called "like-new"). These phones have 6-line capability and include an intercom button as well as a button to transfer to the speakerphone feature. It's LCD display shows you the date, time, and number you are calling. With the caller-ID feature, it will also display the number of either internal or external incoming calls.

This phone, manufactured by Meridian for Nortel, is a good choice for those who need a minimal number of programmable features and the ability to auto dial only a few numbers. It is a cost-effective, basic business phone that can support up to eight features which can include any combination of eight lines or lines and frequently used features. Some of the suggested uses include areas where there are more users than phones, such as staff lounges or manufacturing plants.

Norstar M7208 Features

When you're looking for a basic unit, this Norstar model is ideal. It's easy to use and includes an LCD display that guides the user through the use of each feature. When it comes to cost, you will be happy to discover that you can purchase these phones on the Internet at some serious discounts. You will even be able to find multiple unit discounts and free shipping at some websites.

Each unit has a 16-character single-line LCD display, a headset jack that can be used for a hands-free function, and eight memory buttons with indicators. Each individual user can control both the ringer and speaker volumes on the phone, and the units can be wall mounted to save more desk space. Obviously a great, cost-effective choice for those who need just a little more than a basic phone, the Norstar M7208 will be a strong addition to your communications solutions.

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