Written by Kathleen Gagne
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M7310 is the stock number for Norstar's most popular telephone set. These advanced phones are manufactured by Nortel Networks for use with Norstar Phone systems. The list of features available on these phones is extensive due to the fact that they were developed for users with extensive calling and call handling requirements. For example, they come with ten programmable buttons that can be dedicated to specific lines or features.

In addition, they also have 12 dual-function buttons that can quickly connect the user to specific frequently-used features. Auto dial numbers can be programmed as well. Depending on the types of calls made, this feature allows for fast connections with minimal effort and can save enormous amounts of time for departments that frequently call the same vendors or other internal departments.

Norstar M7310 Phones

This phone model has recently been updated in design and reduced in size to give the user a more attractive unit that takes up less space on a desk top. The units can be tilted to any comfortable angle and now offer a simplified labeling strategy. These new features can mean significant savings in time and money.

The units come with LCD displays for ease of viewing. A visual ringing lamp/message waiting indication light is available on some models, and you can also use hands-free headsets on many phones. The high-quality, hands-free speaker is a great way to reduce neck discomfort on a long call, and the handset and speaker can both be set to the user's preferred volume. Remember that the quality of your phones makes a difference in what your customers hear and in how quickly your staff can respond to customer needs.

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