Meridian Norstar

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Whether you're just starting out or simply need a more sophisticated telephone system, Meridian Norstar has the quality equipment you need to take your business to the next level in communications. You can start out as simply as you choose with a Compact Plus system that supports up to eight phone lines and 24 internal extensions. For a growing business, you can start out with Norstar Modular Plus. This system offers a minimum of 8 lines and 32 extensions and can later support up to 128 extensions.

Both of these systems offer a list of great features that will make your customers and staff happy. For example, call transfer allows your staff to direct calls to the right party with minimal waiting on the part of the customer. On-hold music, call queuing, and conference calling are all available as well. Your online vendor will either configure your features for you or will work with your communications person to make sure that you have the options you need.

Meridian Norstar Online

You can find a variety of Meridian systems online that will ensure quality communications solutions for your company for as long as you need them. Options include new, used, and refurbished or like-new equipment. Some online vendors have periodic sales or offer free shipping for purchases over a specified minimum dollar amount. You will be happy to know that your Meridian system will be upgradable as your business expands.

Online, you will purchase the same quality Norstar systems that could cost you twice as much from local vendors with high overhead. Because of high sales volumes and low expenses, online vendors are able to offer Meridian's high level of reliability and improved sound quality as well as numerous standard features at very attractive prices. Your online vendor will be able to answer all of your questions as you both determine which system is right for your business, and the vendor will also configure the system to your specifications with an eye toward your planned growth.

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