Merlin Legend

Written by Sierra Rein
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In 1999, Lucent Technologies introduced the latest line of Merlin Legend phones to the public and the global markets at large. This modular communication system can work with up to 200 telephones on at least 80 lines. With Legend Mail, this system can also offer a large array of voice messaging options.

The first of two major Merlin systems is called the Merlin Legend Basic Service Center (BSC). This center can handle as many as 32 groups of 20 agents each and is incredibly versatile for small businesses and expanding mid-sized companies. An outside call can be forwarded to a group number by a fellow employee, receptionist or by an Automated Attendant capable of connecting callers through a voice messaging path. This call can then be picked up by any employee currently in that group to offer his services and help in solving any problem or customer service issue.

The second system is called the Merlin Legend Enhanced Service Center (ESC) and is a few steps above the BSC. The ESC provides even more advanced call handling controls as well as visual monitoring (through LCD and log screens) and large-scale management powers. It is also an extremely adept as a system for customer service representatives because it contains an automatic call distribution and queue tracking tools to follow the status of every call that comes in.

Merlin Legend Phones for Legend Systems

If an entire system is not needed for a company, the simple purchase of a few Legend phones can still do wonders for a small business. The best selling Legend phones are the MLX-10D display phone and the MLX-10DP display with port phone that is compatible with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) systems. These phones can also be found in 16, 20 and 28-button models with larger LCD screens and is capable of connecting to a Legend Direct Station Selector (DSS) as well.

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