Merlin Phone Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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For companies with multiple sites, Merlin phone systems are perfect tools for networking and solving any telecommunication challenges that may arise during business development. No longer do customers expect to wait long in line, nor do they wish to have to hang up to contact another internal employee or department within the same company. With the high expectations and sophistication of the modern caller, it is now more important than ever for businesses to install a powerful messaging organization and an integrated forwarding system.

The Merlin Legend 6.1 system is the most recent addition to the family of Merlin phone systems. This highly effective networking system is flexible and offers service center enhancements as well as remote call forwarding and observing capabilities to allow an employer to ensure quality customer service. A business can choose from a number of different application options, from the Intuity Audix to the Messaging 2000 and Merlin Legend Mail systems.

One of the best features of Merlin phone systems is that they are both expandable and compatible with a number of outside telecommunication products. By coordinating with existing equipment, a company will have the option of lowering overall product purchase costs. Choosing a basic Merlin system can also leave enough room to add optional modules, increase phone lines and include better messaging applications to fit into future company growth rates.

Customizing Merlin Phone Systems to Fit Your Company's Needs

Every business configuration is unique and can have its own special needs regarding network, telephone and web-based communication demands. Make sure you talk with the provider of your Merlin phone system to discuss and narrow down the number of lines, expansion slots, current phone traffic, and any features that your company demands now. Also brainstorm any possible future needs that could arise after plans for business growth, employee upsizing and branch additions are accomplished.

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